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Paul Reynard Collection: Loom Report

Our weavers have been diligently working on The Paul Reynard Rug Collection, and our overseas connection, Neslihan, has sent us some great photos of the in-progress hand-knotted rugs. Here’s our loom report to you!

Pictured here are productions of Reynard 25 and Reynard 18.

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Choosing the Right Rug: Part 2

As discussed in our last blog post, “Choosing the Right Rug”, there is a lot of thought that has to go into choosing the perfect rug (or rugs) for any given space. In that post, we mentioned that we would go into specifics on different layouts for rooms around the house. This post will do just that – here we plan to elaborate on what different rugs and arrangements can be used in different types of rooms.

Living and Family Room

While the size of your room may not dictate the size of the rug you are seeking, but it is important […]

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Choosing the Right Rug

Happy March! After a long hiatus, the Oriental Rug Mart blog is back! Today, we want to share some tips on how to choose the perfect rug for your space.

When choosing a rug for any given space, be it a great room, a bedroom, a kitchen, etc., many people believe that the most important aspect is that the colors of the rug must match the rooms preexisting décor. However, after being in the rug business as long as we have, we are keenly aware that while this is the most important aspect, the size of the rug is perhaps the most […]

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