Original Pazyryk Carpet

The original Pazyryk Carpet found frozen in the Caucasus Mountains.

The oldest pile rug ever found was excavated in 1948 from a site in the Pazyryk Valley in modern-day Siberia. It was discovered frozen in the permafrost in the tomb of the Prince of Altai. Radiocarbon dating revealed that the rug was made in the 5th century BCE, making it approximately 2,500 years old. The advanced weaving techniques and the intricate design details hint at the rich heritage and deep history of rug-making.

While the original Pazyryk Carpet is on display in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, you can bring this timeless design into your own home with a modern reproduction. This rug is the ultimate conversation-starter for your home.

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Pazyryk Carpet Reproduction in Living Room

Reproduction of the Pazyryk Carpet.