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Rug Services

Maintaining the quality of an oriental or antique rug requires delicate and detailed care and attention.

We are not your typical rug cleaning service. With a lifelong passion and wealth of knowledge in the rug-making industry, the team at Oriental Rug Mart is committed to preserving the integrity of your rug for generations to come.

Whether you’re looking to restore, sell, or have your rug cleaned and repaired, we’re happy to help. We offer professional and antique rug cleaning, professional appraisals, and an array of specialized rug services for clients in Rochester, NY, and across the United States. No customer is too far out of our reach – we always deliver excellent customer service to all those we meet.

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Professional Cleaning

Our rug cleaning agents are biodegradable and free of softeners, fragrances, bleaches, and brighteners that may adversely affect rug fibers over time. We remove all of the dirt deposited in the depth of the pile and rinse the piece thoroughly. This cleaning process ensures a healthy, clean oriental carpet or area rug that will endure for years to come.

An Elevated Carpet Cleaning Service

Rug Repair - Oriental Rug Mart - Rochester, NY

Expert Repair

We have experienced weavers on staff to offer exceptional in-store preventative and restorative oriental rug repair services. With decades of experience and well-established relationships in the field, we can also partner with a worldwide host of specialists for larger or more intricate repairs.

Custom Rug Padding - Oriental Rug Mart - Rochester, NY

Custom Cut Padding

MegaStop and Double Grip are two styles of high-quality padding that help secure rugs in place on smooth, hard surfaces. We custom cut each type of padding to ensure a perfect fit for your area rug. We also offer the NoMuv pad, which enhances the stability of area rugs that have been placed atop wall-to-wall carpeting.

Professional Rug Apprasials - Oriental Rug Mart - Rochester, NY

Professional Appraisals

Oriental Rug Mart employs a number of world-class experts in modern and antique rugs. We will happily provide verbal appraisals free of charge for customers who bring their rugs into our showroom. We can also provide on-site or written appraisals for a small fee.

Contact us to arrange an appraisal or schedule servicing.