Here are some of the best resources on the net for educational information about oriental rugs. 

  • Turkotek - A noncommercial site devoted to collectible weavings, where rug enthusiasts can connect.
  • Tea and Carpets - Excellent, informative essays about oriental rugs.
  • George Washington University Textile Museum
  • R. John Howe - A site exclusively dedicated to the distribution of virtual versions of The Textile Museum’s free “Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning” programs to a larger audience.
  • Marla Mallett - A site specializing in antique flat woven tribal Oriental rugs, kilims, and bags, as well as tapestries, embroideries and other ethnic textiles.
  • Oriental Rug Blog - Notes and commentary from Barry O’Connell about the oriental rug trade.
  • Spongo Bongo - Another blot from Barry O'Connell about oriental rugs.