Educate Yourself About Rug Padding

It is common for oriental rug dealers to aggressively sell padding, and customers often assume that a pad will be necessary for a fine oriental carpet. This is not necessarily true.

You may need a pad for your rug if:

  1. Surface: The rug is to reside over an uneven surface, such as a tile floor.
  2. Safety: The rug is prone to slippage because of it's size, or the volume of foot traffic, or both.
  3. Support: Oriental rugs are available in a variety of thicknesses, from flatweaves, which are pileless and therefore quite thin, to dense, heavy, thick rugs such as those made by the Bijar tribes of northwestern Iran. Customers sometimes prefer to use a pad to add thickness and support to thinner varieties of oriental rugs. This is strictly a matter of personal preference, and is not required for the health and longevity of the rug itself.