Like other cities in the western part of Iran. Due to the sheer number of villages in the province of Hamadan and the area’s ethnic diversity, many unique designs are featured in these regional rugs.

Hamadan rugs are closely related to those produced in the neighboring areas of Bibakabad, Shiraz, Lilihan, and numerous other local styles. Hamadan tribal rugs feature repeating geometric or central medallion designs, often rendered in deep reds and blues as the primary color cast, with ivory details. Less frequently they are of floral design. Specific designs feature angular motifs, large-scale arabesques, and/or curvilinear structures.

Modern Hamadan rugs are extremely popular, affordable alternatives to finer offerings from southern Persia.

Persian Hamadan 4X6 Black Blue Wool Area RugPersian Hamadan 4X6 Red Black Wool Area RugIran Hamadan 4X6 Black Wool Area RugPersian Hamadan 2X8 Ivory Pink Wool Area Rug