Cover Magazine is the preeminent contemporary rug magazine. We are thrilled to be featured in the autumn issue!

In our profile written by Katie Loux, Reza discusses the process of translating works of art into rugs. Whether they are the monoprints of Albert Paley, the paintings of Paul Reynard, or the photographs of Brian Orner, the translation process takes time and is not without challenges. This profile reflects the culmination of years-long projects to create these beautiful rugs. They are truly works of art for your floor. And we are just getting started! We plan to bring new artists and different media into the world of Art Interpreted. We are already creating color samples for our next collection, a translation of the glass works of Josh Simpson.

You can see these incredible rugs in our Victor showroom. If you want to explore our collection of art rugs online, please visit our dedicated Art Interpreted website.

Art Interpreted Editorial

Art Interpreted Editorial in Cover Magazine, written by Katie Loux.