More on Selecting the Perfect Carpet

As discussed in our last blog post, “Choosing the Right Rug”, there is a lot of thought that has to go into choosing the perfect rug (or rugs) for any given space. In that post, we mentioned that we would go into specifics on different layouts for rooms around the house. This post will do just that – here we plan to elaborate on what different rugs and arrangements can be used in different types of rooms.

Living and Family Room

While the size of your room may not dictate the size of the rug you are seeking, but it is important to know the dimensions of the room when it comes to the living room. This information will be useful while you consider whether you want one big rug for your room, or whether the room would be better suited for more than one carpet. In most cases, purchasing several smaller Oriental rugs is more “easy on the pocket” than purchasing one large rug. We also encourage you to explore the option of defining a sitting area with a rug for this room, for example, placing a rug in a spot where it visually unifies chairs and couches in the room and creates a more intimate conversational setting.

When determining the size of an Oriental rug in a main sitting area, there are a few options on how to integrate it into the room. The first is to begin measuring four to five inches under the sofa, in turn using the sofa to anchor the rug. The alternate option is to begin five to ten inches on the ground in front of the sofa in order to give a comfortable visual space between the two most pronounced elements in the room. In both instances, simply measure from that point to where you think the rug should end in order to keep the room visually balanced.

Dining Room

Your Dining room is one of the only spaces that may actually require a larger Oriental rug. The minimum size of the rug can be determined by pulling the chairs out from the table (as if you were going to sit), then measuring under the table from two chairs directly across from each other, back chair leg to back chair leg. Knowing that you require a rug wider than this measurement prevents the chair from catching on the border of the rug when pulled out, in turn causing probable damage. The maximum size of the rug can be as big as the room itself, and can be modified to accommodate for any surrounding furniture. Another factor that can determine the size of the Oriental rug is your decision whether you would like to have people walk on the rug or on the floor while walking around the table. If you want to encourage people to walk on the rug at all times that they are in the room, the rug should take up at least 2/3 of the walkway surrounding the table.


Many people have the misconception that the rug in your bedroom must be larger than the bed itself, so that there will be room for you to step out of the bed on either side as well as room for the rug to show at the bottom of the bed. However, in that layout, the bed is actually covering most of the rug. The bedroom is perhaps the most versatile room for rugs. This room is a chance to experiment and play with rugs – for example, you could very well choose a rug large enough to rest under the bed with a couple feet coming out on each side, or your could do three small rugs surrounding the bed, or maybe a rug that rests safely under the bottom portion of the bed and comes out at the bottom… The decorating possibilities are close to endless in a bedroom with a creative eye and open mind.


You are not alone if you are hesitant about putting a rug in your kitchen – in fact, some people are downright against it due to the fact that they believe the rug will not stay clean. The fear of dirtying a rug is no longer a valid reason to not explore this option – proper and modern rug care allows you to keep a rug in any room of the house. A rug in a kitchen can really warm up an otherwise cold and appliance filled space – a small, colorful runner between a counter and an island can be an eye-catching piece in a minimally decorated kitchen, or a plush round rug under a round kitchen table can invite people to have a seat and enjoy a meal.

Do you have any tips or design ideas? Any questions about the layout of another room in your home? If so, comment below on this post, we would love to hear from you!