Oriental Rug Mart is pleased to welcome Mojtaba Seirafian to our store in Victor NY. Mr. Seirafian is visiting Rochester while visiting the United States from his home in Isfahan, Iran.

Mojtaba Seirafian bears one of the most recognizable names in the Oriental rug industry. Seirafian carpets are known worldwide as among the very finest Persian carpets available. The United Nations has an extraordinary Seirafian rug that was designed by Mohammad Seirafian, father of Mojtaba, and donated for their use. It measures just under 16' x 16', but it is knotted at a pile density in excess of 1,300 knots per square inch.

Mojtaba Seirafian and Reza Sattari have been friends since meeting on the first day of college, and Oriental Rug Mart has a number of Seirafian carpets in our inventory. They are unlike anything else you will ever find, and are extraordinary examples of the oriental rug-making art by every possible measure.  You can browse our collection of Seirafian carpets here, but they're even more impressive in person.

Stop in to our showroom, and we'll be happy to show them to you.