Tips on Selecting the Perfect Carpet

When choosing a rug for any given space, be it a great room, a bedroom, a kitchen, etc., many people believe that the most important aspect is that the colors of the rug must match the rooms preexisting décor. However, after being in the rug business as long as we have, we are keenly aware that while this is the most important aspect, the size of the rug is perhaps the most crucial place to start.

Before considering the color of the rug, one must determine the exact measurement of the area that they want to cover. This measurement should not be based on predetermined sizes of Oriental rugs, but rather the space that you want to be occupied by the rug. The easiest way to think about this measurement, and the way to open up the most options to you while shopping is to consider this:

“The rug can be as wide as _____, but not narrower than _____;

The rug can be as long as _____, but not shorter than _____”

This formula can change based on the room you’re decorating as well as your unique and personal style. There are different choices to consider while decorating a dining room vs. a library vs. a family room (we will touch on this in a later blog post). Another point is that rug that could be the perfect size may not “fit” the room if it is not your personal style. It could be possible that you may need to reconsider your measurement and consider multiple rugs.

Once the size is determined, it is time to take the color and design into consideration. You must be very open-minded when it comes to this point – you may have a preconceived idea of what style rug you want, which is great, but there could be a style or color you hadn’t even considered yet which could work even better! The best way to shop for a rug is to pick several rugs (even better if they are from a selection of different styles) that could potentially fit into your space and compare them side by side. There are a few factors that must now be considered:

  • Color & Style: Does the rug fit into your space? Will all of the colors compliment the room and give the space your desired effect? Is the pattern too formal, modern, etc.?
  • Application: How and where will you be using the rug? Is it going to be in a high traffic area?
  • Cost: Does this rug fit your budget?

Once you have narrowed it down to three or four rugs, we recommend that you try the carpet before you commit to a purchase. At Oriental Rug Mart, we offer the ability for you to “test drive” your carpets – that is, sign them out, take them home with you and try them out in your space for no extra charge. We HIGHLY recommend this. In the past, customers who were iffy about a rug in the store have absolutely fallen in love with it in their space, and rugs they were sure would work have not worked as well as they planned. Seeing a rug in its intended location and seeing it in the store are two completely different experiences.

Make sure to observe the rug at different times of the day, in different light, and to rotate the rug as well. It may be a difficult choice, but by the end of your trial period you will be confident that you have chosen the perfect rug for your space.