Welcome to Oriental Rug Mart

We count ourselves among the fortunate that work in a field that we feel passionate about. More than anything, we enjoy conversing with our customers about the craftsmanship, history and culture that is built into oriental rugs. Happily for us, our customers seem to enjoy this, too.

To Jila and Reza, the store owners, the world of oriental carpets is second nature.

Born and raised in Iran, they grew up surrounded by the sights and sounds of carpets being made. Reza designed his first rug with his grandmother (a chess motif derived from his passion at the time) when he was only 14.

Little did he know when he arrived in Rochester almost 30 years ago as a distributor for Kodak, that his life would eventually come full circle.

After a short time in the states he was asked to share his knowledge of rugs and business acumen to help run his first rug business. Today, he continues to love the deep roots, constant dynamism and vitality of the industry and shares this passion with Jila, who has become increasingly skilled in the art of selecting the best of the best in every level of quality.

With the vast knowledge that they’ve shared with the team at Oriental Rug Mart (not to mention the extensive expertise in dyeing, weaving, and antique collectibles that others have brought) we hope we have something new and interesting to offer.